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STRONG remover is a new product for permanent make-up and tattoo removal with a reinforced formula resulting from a combination of the accumulated effective experience of YOURWINGS REMOVER and advanced scientific and technological developments.

STRONG has been specifically developed to remove the most difficult variants of permanent make-up and tattoos with deep-rooted and discoloured pigments of any origin and any age in the skin.

STRONG makes it possible to lighten the colour of permanent make-up even faster to create transparent, modern work or to remove the unwanted pigment completely from the skin.

The powerful alkaline reaction leaves no chance for the unwanted pigment.

With minimal damage to the skin, STRONG will pick up pigment particles from the deepest layers of the skin, allowing them to be easily removed later completely chemically or by laser.

STRONG protects the technician and the client from unwanted side effects. It is designed in such a way that with its increased activity the aggressive effect on the skin is reduced, without reducing the effect on the pigment.

Suitable for all skin types, including age-appropriate, sensitive, vascular or scarred skin. Applicable on any area: lips, eyebrows, eyelids or any other skin area.

Ingredients: Deionised water, propylene glycol, magnesium oxide, aluminium oxide, calcium oxide, triethanopomine, n-propanol, benzoic acid.

Complimentary online training video course!

Includes a theoretical block and demonstration of the practical part – removal of eyebrow tattoo using Yourwings removers. The video course can be viewed up to 10 times within 7 days of registration.


There are contraindications. To be administered by a specialist after consultation.

The remover may only be used by qualified permanent make-up specialists for professional use.

This product is intended for professional commercial use only by specialists trained and educated accordingly.

The product is to be used strictly for the purpose indicated in the instructions.

By purchasing this product, intended by its characteristics for professional commercial use in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation by specialists with appropriate training, the buyer, who has not undergone appropriate training and education, when using this product assumes all risks and negative consequences of harm to their lives and health, the lives of third parties, as well as pets.


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