Magnifying glasses with illuminated lamp

Magnification: 10 x
Backlight: Yes
Case Material: Plastic
Power: Disposable batteries



Magnifying glasses with a backlit lamp are designed to work in permanent make-up and tattooing with small objects with free hands.
Equipped with two 1.5X magnification lenses. In addition to these, a magnifying glass with a magnification of 7X is attached to the body. By combining these lenses you can get such magnifications as 3X, 8.5X and 10X.
The lenses are made of plexiglass. The use of Plexiglas allows the binocular magnifying glasses to be heavier without the risk of discomfort associated with prolonged use.
For working in low light conditions, LED illumination is provided, using conventional batteries as a power source.
Pigment color
Pigment Color Stretch

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