Anestet secondary anaesthesia

Anestet anaesthesia
Volume: 35 ml.
Production: Light dep (Russia)
Store in a dark place.
Avoid exposure to sunlight.



ANESTET anaesthesia is the best anaesthetic for tattoos and permanent make-up today.
ANESTET professional is a gel for secondary cooling during the procedure. The innovative formula works perfectly on all types of skin. It is designed for use on damaged skin. Reduces pain, swelling and discomfort. Has a liquid gel-like texture, consumes very economically. Works well during the application of tattoos or permanent make-up.
Indispensable for procedures such as:
– Permanent make-up
– Tattooing
– Biorevitalisation
– botulinum therapy
– Mesonite placement
– Piercing
How to use:
To start a permanent make-up, microblading or tattooing procedure (with or without primary cooling);
Once the skin integrity has been broken, ANESTET professional can be applied for reapplication;
A thin layer of product is recommended to avoid spreading;
Spread the gel with a cotton swab or microbrush over the entire surface of the area to be treated;
Wait for the effect to set in, approximately 5-15 seconds;
Ineffective when applied to undamaged skin
Pigment color
Pigment Color Stretch

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