Anaesthesia SUSTAINE

Composition of Sustaine Blue Gel:
4% lidocaine
2% tetracaine
0.002% adrenaline



Sustaine Blue Gel is the best anesthetic for tattooing and permanent make-up today.
Sustainein is a powerful anesthetic, reduces sensitivity, decreases bleeding, and is suitable for all skin types in procedures involving increased skin trauma.
It is not effective when applied to intact skin.
It is indispensable for tattoos, permanent make-up and other sensitive procedures, reduces swelling and eliminates the bruising effect.
This powerful anaesthetic contains: 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine for pain relief, and 0,002% adrenaline to reduce swelling, haematoma and bleeding.
The unique combination of ingredients contained in Sustaine makes it indispensable for professional use.
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