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The innovative alkaline removers from YOURWINGS will revolutionise the way you think about chemical removal of permanent make-up and tattoos.

YOURWINGS solves the most difficult cases where laser and other chemical removers do not have the desired effect.

The unique combination of high removal efficiency and sensitivity to the skin allows for removal in fewer treatments and without unnecessary risk of scarring. It is one of the best removers for removing pigment from deep skin layers, and the gentlest alkaline remover available.

Its unique patented formula makes it possible to effectively remove all types of pigments (inorganic and organic, permanent and tattoo) on all parts of the face and body, while perfectly suited even for thin and sensitive skin.

The recovery period after using YOURWINGS Removers is quick and gentle, and the risk of skin trauma and scarring is kept to an absolute minimum.


There are contraindications. To be administered by a specialist after consultation.

The remover may only be used by qualified permanent make-up specialists for professional use.

This product is intended for professional commercial use only by specialists trained and educated accordingly.

The product is to be used strictly for the purpose indicated in the instructions.

By purchasing this product, intended by its characteristics for professional commercial use in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation by specialists with appropriate training, the buyer, who has not undergone appropriate training and education, when using this product assumes all risks and negative consequences of harm to their lives and health, the lives of third parties, as well as pets.


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