Super Revitalizing Cream

For all skin types.

For professional and home use.
Apply 2 times a day to clean skin.

$ 17


Meet the newest addition to the YOURWINGS collection – the SUPER REVITALIZING CREAM. A powerful wound-healing restorative cream based on natural ingredients with proven efficacy.

Suma and Licorice extracts have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, relieve hyperemia, swelling and signs of irritation. Shea and Aloe Vera oils intensively nourish and soften, eliminate the feeling of tightness, restore skin lipid mantle and protect from adverse environmental factors.

<>Panthenol stimulates the skin’s regenerative functions and boosts skin metabolism. Tocopherol restores the skin’s water-lipid balance, improves skin turgor, stimulates the production of own collagen and effectively fights free radicals.

YOURWINGS SUPER REVITALIZING CREAM restores the skin’s potential in the shortest possible time and significantly reduces the risk of scarring after aggressive influences:

  • – permanent make-up and tattoos, as well as laser and chemical removal;
  • – removal of moles, papillomas;
  • – chemical peels and laser resurfacing;
  • – abrasions, scratches, sunburns.

The cream is ideal for all skin types. It is intended for professional and home use. Apply it twice a day to clean skin.

Volume 15 g
Pigment color
Pigment Color Stretch

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