July 20, 2022

What is remover YOURWINGS?

In 2021, the permanent make-up industry saw the introduction of the innovative Yourwings alkaline remover, which has divided the lives of hundreds of masters from 15 countries (Russia, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan) into ‘before’ and ‘after’. Let’s find out what makes it unique and what its resounding success is based on.

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Yourwings permanent makeup & tattoo remover is a slurry for the removal of permanent makeup, tattoos and tattoos, made according to a special formula. The components of the suspension, penetrating the skin, interact with the pigment, capture the pigment dye particles and expel (displace) them from the skin outwards without trace.

Why are the pigment particles removed?

This is because during physical contact of the remover with the pigment in the skin, their components are mixed, attracted to each other and a unique chemical process takes place. The constituents of the remover are not able to stabilise in the skin, they are rejected and removed from the skin to its surface, simultaneously capturing the pigment, thereby removing it.

What’s the unique of YOURWINGS?

What distinguishes Yourwings from other alkaline removers is the absence of a hard crust.

All the alkaline removers on the market give a hard crust when healing (see photo below).

Crust after alkaline remover-analogue.

After removal with Yourwings Remover the crusting process follows the same procedure as after permanent make-up.Within 3-7 days the skin recovers, undergoing a normal recovery phase.

Scab after chemical removal with ReJuvi alkaline
Skin after removal with Yourwings Remover

The special selection of the components of Yourwings Remover reduces the aggressive irritant effect on the skin and the possibility of partial destruction of the epidermis.

Skin appearance immediately after removal with Yourwings Remover. Distinct removal of pigment, undamaged skin, no distinct thick scab.

Convenient consistency and increased stability during storage.

YourWings Does not bleed during operation and does not dry during storage like other removers. The slurry particles settle in time, which is completely reversible with shaking.

Yourwings high efficiency has been proven in practice

This remover can be called the best when removing pigment located deep within the skin. Immediately after the first treatment, partial and sometimes complete removal of the pattern is visible (see photo). It all depends on how many times the permanent make-up has been done.

Example of a healed result after the first treatment. Permanent make-up was done 5 times with different pigments at different times. Work provided by Yourwings Remover certified trainer Elena Admaeva.

Yourwings has a sufficiently strong removing power to cope with the most difficult cases where laser and other chemical removers do not have the desired effect.

The unique formulation effectively removes all colours and all types of pigments (inorganic and organic, permanent, tattoo) regardless of the size of the colouring particles from any part of the body, without crusting or scarring. This is new because previously removers did not remove modern organic pigments and were only designed for mineral pigments.

A modern organic pigment that has changed colour after laser removal.
White pigment that has changed colour after laser treatment
Removal with Yourwings remover
Removing coloured mineral pigment with Yourwings Remover
Removal of organic pigment, followed by work in the form of shading
White pigment removal with Yourwings Removers

Factors affecting the effectiveness of removal: the depth of pigment in the skin, the number of treatments performed and their age, pigment composition, skin potential. Each removal is individual, but Yourwings Remover requires half as many treatments as other removers due to the effective formula and less time between treatments, as Yourwings Remover is as non-aggressive as possible on the skin.

Non-aggressive effect on the skin

With the most productive results, you get a faster and gentler healing period. Importantly, with a very high efficacy index, Yourwings Remover is safe even for people with sensitive and vascular skin. And, unlike other alkaline removers, it does not form scars.

Atrophic scar after removal with ReJuvi Remover
Intact skin after removal with Yourwings Remover

Yourwings remover is unique because it can be used on scar tissue, which is impossible with other alkaline removers.

Example of removal on vascular and scarred eyelid skin
Removal of permanent make-up using Yourwings Removers on scar tissue after unsuccessful laser removal and colour inversion.
White pigment removal with Yourwings Removers after a dark circle camouflage procedure on the lower eyelid with scar tissue after laser resurfacing.

Every specialist in his or her professional practice is faced with the impossibility of overlapping this or that old work. That is why chemical removal is the core skill of the permanent make-up specialist in today’s realities. And it is Yourwings Removers, thanks to their advantages, that can be your best assistant in the job.

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The material is based on the work portfolio of remover creator Viktoria Tomashivskaya, international trainer-expert in permanent make-up, dermopigmentation and chemical removal.

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