March 18, 2022

The correction of grey, blue and green eyebrows

Let’s talk about correctors that are designed to cover greenish and greyish-blue eyebrows. Choosing the right pigments to cover such eyebrows is often a problem for permanent make-up artists.

Yourwings has a wide range of mineral pigments as well as organic pigments for this type of overlapping.

The main mineral pigments are Anti Gray and Chocolate. Both pigments are mid-tone and have a warm copper base. They are excellent at compensating any old school work and overcoat without weighing it down. On the contrary, these pigments transform old works into new, modern and light works. If we decompose the copper range into the components that make up the base, we see that Anti Gray is dominated by red. Chocolate is a more golden, brownish colour. However, red is also present to a large extent. Both pigments blue-greenish eyebrows. If the colour is pronounced, ‘nuclear’, go for Anti Gray. And if your eyebrows have a cool uncorrected, not strongly pronounced grey-green hue, then Chocolate is the one for you.

We can add Gold Correction or Yellow Brown 3to help you compensate for the blue-violet colour. Choose also by colour expression and brightness. The less pronounced the original faulty shade, the more serene the choice of corrector.

The organic SANDAL pigment, along with Anti Gray and Chocolate, is a powerful corrector, and in terms of colour, it is the middle ground between the two. The sandalwood shade itself has a rich amber red-brown colour. And this pigment will envelop any palette with warmth, whether brighter or more natural.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Yourwings pigments can not only work beautifully as correctors, but also blend into any mix to make it softer.

Whether you’re more comfortable working with mineral or organic pigments, the choice is yours!

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