August 25, 2022

Removing arrows with Yourwings Remover

Permanent make-up removal is in 90% of cases a course of procedures, sometimes involving a beautician to carry out skin quality maintenance. None of the remover manufacturers show examples of removal, backed up by photos of all the steps from start to finish. Except Yourwings! In this article, let’s take a look at Victoria Tomaszywska’s case study of removing eyelashes with Yourwings Remover.

Why does permanent make-up have to be removed?

The longer the permanent make-up industry has existed, the fewer clients with ‘clean’ skin. Even now, about 80% of the clients come from old jobs. Fashions are changing. What used to be considered beautiful and topical is now a sign of age or simply doesn’t suit one’s face. And everyone wants to look young, well-groomed and modern.

The client had her eyelids volumetrically shaded as she likes bright eye make-up. The final result was not satisfactory, but over time the permanent make-up on her eyes did not lighten and it was impossible to overlap it.

How long does it take to remove the arrows?

Look at the before and after photos. Usually this kind of work is a source of much admiration, but also a question: ‘How is it possible? The answer is: “Yes, it is possible, thanks to the unique properties of Yourwings Removers, the professionalism of the chemical remover and the patience of the client.” In this case, it took 3 years to remove and overlay permanent make-up.

Stages of removing arrows

The first removal was carried out in 2018, and the pigment layers became clearly visible afterwards. It became clear that the base of the permanent make-up was a black arrow, made with the mineral pigments of yesteryear. Above it is the then trendy shading with organic pigments and a volumetric highlighting with white titanium dioxide. Removing such a “multi-layered cake” is a colossally complex job that requires the unmistakable professionalism of a specialist.

Organic pigments give a dense “putty” finish that bears little resemblance to aesthetics, as you can see in the photo. This type of pigment is very difficult to remove. Although the remover was effective it was difficult to “remove” the pigment density and a clean eyelid could not be created easily. Also, it should be considered that this skin type after treatment and complete removal of pigment held vascular redness, which created the illusion of brightness of permanent makeup. For the laser destruction of the vessels in this work, a vascular cosmetic surgeon was employed on two occasions. This shortened the rehabilitation period and made it possible to start the next removal procedure sooner. In 3 sessions, with long breaks for skin recovery and treatments from the beautician, it was possible to remove the shading almost completely.

After the coloured organic pigment was removed, it was decided to remove the black arrow using a laser, but this method did not produce a significant result. Therefore, together with the client, it was decided to stop with the achieved result and move on to the creation of beautiful permanent make-up, according to the client’s wishes, also bright, but in line with current fashion trends.

What is the difficulty of the job?

  1. The stippling was done with non-professional tattooing organic pigments with multiple layers of different colours. Such work is virtually impossible to remove. Experience has shown that a laser to remove organic pigments is not suitable. Acidic removers are not able to do this job either. And even removal with an alkaline remover requires titanic effort and time.
  2. It should be understood that removal of tattoo pigment is almost always accompanied by pronounced inflammation, crusting and post-inflammatory erythema formation, dehydration and skin sensitivity. This is a normal physiological response to this procedure. For this reason, such complex work is always accompanied by complementary cosmetic procedures, such as injections of Collost and laser removal of vessels to maintain skin potential as part of a patented algorithm for the chemical removal of tattooing on scarred and vascular skin.
  3. To aesthetically overlap the residual pigments on such skin is a challenge that would not be possible without Yourwings specialised pigments, designed to work in the eye area and create shadowy tones.

With such long courses of treatments, a mutual understanding between the practitioner and the client is always important. Thanks to the trust of our client, who understood the complexity of the process, the final result exceeded all expectations.

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