Remover RED for removal of permanent make-up and tattoo on difficult skin types.


for dense skin with thick dermis


PM removal





$ 102


YOURWINGS RED Remover is the quintessence of the brand’s scientific development and has given an undeniable victory over the most difficult skin types that have trouble releasing pigment.

YOURWINGS RED Remover interacts even more effectively with all types of pigment and removes pigment from the skin faster, preserving its integrity and ability to recover quickly and fully.

The specificity of the remover is thick and dense dermis, dense Asian-type skin and more.

Compared to the YOURWINGS Classic and Strong removers, the YOURWINGS RED removers have a different concentration, faster pigment interaction reaction and faster pigment release from the skin.

How to choose a remover from YOURWINGS collection?

Use logic alone. In practice, generally use 2 removers in the range of your professionalism and mastery of chemical removal. Feel the tolerance of the skin. Mix it up. Adjust the strength to suit each client. This is a great tool for the job.

Can YOUR WINGS RED remover work on other skin types (such as vascular skin)? Of course.

If you work a lot with YOUR WINGS, if you can see the reaction, assess the skin’s potential and calculate the load, you will be able to use it on any skin type and achieve wow results without unnecessary trauma and much faster than before.

Suitable for all skin types, including age, sensitive, vascular or scarred skin. Applicable on any area: lips, eyebrows, eyelids or any other skin area.

Remover YOUR WINGS RED for tattoo removal composition:

Ingredients: deionised water, propylene glycol, magnesium oxide, aluminium oxide, calcium oxide, triethanopomine, n-propanol, benzoic acid.

You can buy a remover and get a video training course as a gift!

The video course includes 3 lessons:

  • theory;
  • demonstration of practice in the eyebrow area;
  • patented algorithm of work on any skin type.

How to use YOUR WINGS RED remover to remove tattoos and permanent make-up:

Contraindications are available. To be used by a specialist after consultation.

The Remover may only be used by qualified permanent make-up specialists for professional use.

This product is intended for professional commercial use only by appropriately trained and educated professionals.

The product is to be used strictly for the purpose specified in the instructions.

By purchasing this product, intended by its characteristics for professional commercial use in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation by specialists who have undergone appropriate training, the buyer who has not undergone appropriate training and does not have appropriate education in the use of this product assumes all risks and negative consequences of harm to his life and health, the life of third parties, as well as pets.

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Examples of work on Removerе Yourwings

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