May 15, 2022

Permanent makeup of areols. What pigments should we start with?

Today let’s talk about pigments with the help of which very beautiful works are created. These pigments are for dermopigmentation in the area of areas– YOURWINGS ESTHETIC LINE FOR AREOLA and pigments for working on the skin ESTHETIC LINE FOR SKIN.

The collection includes 17 pigments.

Surely, at the begging of the working in the area of areola there is no necessity to have a ful collection. Nevertheless, all these mixes will find their places in the works of the specialist by dermopigmentation.

While working with areola its important to make the correct invisibility. Your client won’t be satisfied if the artificial of areola will be seen. That’s why for the hyperrealism it is very important to include not only your skills, but the pigments either.

YOURWINGS ESTHETIC LINE are checked with the time, the are comfortable for working, the are easily put in the scar tissue, stay wonderful and leaves gradually, their Stringly structure adjust under unique skin structure and create illusion of very beautiful, real areols.

Moreover, YOURWINGS pigments have a wide colour palete, with the help of which you can create any gamma. Areols are unique and are not repeated, that’s why it’s difficult to work with one mix. With full collection of ESTHETIC LINE you can create any areola: light, dark, Muffled, bright, dark-dark-brown, light-light-pink.

What pigments are necessary to have for the beginning of working with areola?

  1. Middle red-brown RED BROWN 2. It looks like common areola colour.
  2. Middle yellow– brown YELLOW BROWN 2.
  3. Dark yellow-brown YELLOW BROWN 3. These colors are needed, as in areola sometimes there are dirty, not expressed, grayish shadows, which must be created. To use only clear colors in this case is impossible.
  4. One light pink pigment, for example, LIGHT PINK. It is necessary to have to bring the tone.
  5. 5. Neutral beige-pink BEIGE 3.

These 5 pigments will let you to overlap a big percentage of average areols, which you’ll meet. Having worked with them and expanding the practice, you’ll understand, which pigments you need more. A full palete of pigments YOURWINGS ESTHETIC LINE will need you while working with scars, we’ll discuss them in following articles.

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