July 29, 2022

Best pigments for permanent make-up from YOURWINGS

Not sure how to put together a versatile palette of pigments for a job without overpaying? Follow your colleagues’ opinions and choose what’s popular. In this article, we reveal Yourwings’ bestsellers for lips, eyebrows and eyelids based on 2021-2022 sales.

For eyebrows

  1. DARK GOLDEN BROWN. Inorganic pigment. A refined balanced olive brown colour. This is a versatile base, favoured by craftsmen for its naturalness.
  2. WET WOOD. For those who want a richer, yet still tranquil brow colour. The nobility of this brown colour is unrivalled. Wet wood is also an inorganic (mineral) pigment.
  3. DARK WOOD. A dark brown non-organic that’s perfect for medium to darker phototypes of looks.
  4. OUD. Organic pigment for everyone who loves uniqueness. The exclusive colour of agarwood is not to be found in any other palette. Unique mixes are created with it and it is a popular colour, although it is rarely used pure.
  5. BRAZIL. An inorganic pigment with a deep dark chocolate colour. It has a distinctly soft, warm note at its base.

For eyelids

  1. ROYAL ORCHID. Organic pigment. Royal Orchid’s colour may appear black, but in fact it is a dark brown rich in shades. With this pigment, arrows will never turn blue.
  2. OLIVA. This mineral pigment is a real gem in Yourwings’ palette. It is specially formulated for shading eyelids and is a light, transparent veil. This pigment will enhance any eye job.
  3. VETIVER FATAL. A rich olive-brown organics for interesting and intriguing solutions in permanent eye make-up. With this pigment, bright but elegant looks are created.
  4. BLACK PEPPER – is a golden classic. The black-brown peppercorn colour looks soft and is perfect for fluffy interlining.
  5. SMOKEY EYES – is a mineral pigment, not coincidentally named after classic eye make-up. It looks win-win on the eyelids in any blend-in technique and lays transparently like a real shadow, despite its pronounced colour.

For lips

  1. YOUR – is always the sales leader. The dusty rose shade is the base for nude lips in any technique.
  2. W. Cold pink never goes out of style. And it looks amazing solo as well as in mixes with other shades from the Yourwings collection.
  3. I. This colour evokes the image of a juicy, ripe watermelon. A really summery, juicy shade that combines red and pink. On the lips, it is medium-bright and with a real eye-catching look.
  4. G. Warm terracotta. Red-orange-brown mix. Despite the richness of the shades within the mix, it never looks muddy. By adding G to any mix, you get a richer and more pronounced colour. It is almost never superfluous.
  5. N. A very interesting variation of red, closer to scarlet. If you want to give your lips a ‘youthful’ look, you can’t do without it. However, like any other Yourwings shade, it always looks very natural and doesn’t create unnecessary density.
All Yourwings lip pigments are inorganic (mineral).

Download the entire YOURWINGS palette of pigments here

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